Lessons given by the Satya Projects founder Martins Ate are based on Ayurveda knowledge found in Mahabharatha, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Sushruta Samhita, Charaka Samhita and many other important texts especially Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
As an often visitor to India Martins believes that many people who goes there and stays are happier than back in their countries for many reasons but probably one of them is because something of what West has lost and can't afford anymore to humanity. So alternative is India and probably few of us wish to view what once India could have had offer for Happiness through deeper interest on values offered to humanity by it's rich cultural and religious heritage.


So briefly these lessons and the benefit of them cant be described better than this Ayurveda motto:

“May everyone by happy. 
May everyone be free of infirmity
and be strong and healthy.
May everyone care for the well being of others 
and I too want to bring goodness to others.
May no one know any suffering
May no one have any suffering.”

Lesson Purpose: Welcome in this world. And explain what is life.

This lesson will give a brief introduction on what is ayurveda and how it can help you answer many questions you might have regarding your life and life you have seen around.
- Happy Life Science
In this lection we will see what is happiness and explain about what its coming from and where it's going to. Generally there are three types of happiness: 1) to give 2) to want 3) to take. And there is a whole science about it! :)
- Balanced and harmonious life
Ayurveda as many other ancient scriptures and philosophers has cared a lot about making balance in life. This lecture will take a brief introduction about Ayurveda medicine, benefits of it and usage.
- Healthy body diet
This lecture will explain our bodies time clock and fuel to fill it up with which keeping up with automatically is solving many future complications
- Healthy Mind diet
This lecture will explain about what is mind and its functions, how its guiding our choices and other ways.
- Healthy Consciousness diet
This lesson will explain about our consciousness, our True Ego and benefits of meditations and yoga practices.
- Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha
This will explain the basic principles of Ayurveda about 4 cornerstones of a happy life and what all these future lectures will be about.

- Purpose of life by Ramayana
We will read some parts of Hindu epic story Ramayana and go through the things they had experienced with comparison to our daily life.
- Duties of man and woman
Here will be explain the main differences between man and woman which are not visible by our eyes. The nature of love and life forms will be explained.
- 25 Good qualities of man
leadership, bravery, honestly, etc.
- 25 Good qualities of woman
good hearten, kindness, cleanness, etc 

- What kind of work one should do
Explanation about general work and different kinds of professions what people are doing and then how the life goes.
- How to choose profession
Choice of profession, where to study further
- How to do your work
General attitude in life which maintained towards your work space will make a smoother way for general success in it.

- Love, 7 types of love
Not everyone of us is thinking about what energy dominates when we fall in love. It is easy to get burn especially when young with your "first love". Here a bit information about on what principles people should think first before falling in love.
- Relationships
Purpose of relationships, differences between long term relationships. What scriptures are recommending for happiness in them.
- Differences in perceptions of man and woman
Different ego, different energy centers, different interests of getting the daily happiness from.

- God
So many religions and even more gods. So is there is a god or its just a god god with a white beard in the sky who says all woman on earth to dress in black.
- Thin body
Something we can't see and our current science has not developed measurement instruments for yet
- meditation
What is a meditation, how to do it and where does it leads.
- mantras
Introduction in different exercises for your mind to be set
- yoga
Introduction of yoga, its purpose and way of doing it
- religions
Introductions in the history of existing religions


Since I was a kid - everything I did was for some kind of a "tick-mark": did this, done that, been there, had those, tick, tick, tick, tick.... And suddenly - a moment came when there was no anymore empty space left for a tick-marks. Not even a one wish left. Everything was ticked. I did everything I wanted to. My material life as I was living it - through the prism of wishes - stopped that day. I needed the time to find out the reasons to exist in my body again. 


From a hunter I become vegetarian that time - did not had a wish to kill anymore or to have a presence of death in my body. I hosted direct disciples of His Highness Dalai Lama at my house in Baltezers, Latvia where I had discussions with them regarding this topic for over ten days. I started valuating people by the way they treat their life's duties not they public appearance. I quit smoking weed for around two years and when I looked at the woman all I could see was her mission of life not how sexy or beautiful she was. I quit bending for public opinion. I was free.


Since that moment I'm not doing the things because I want to do them. I do the things I choose or agree to do if it makes any sense. 

This planet is like a school - one day - there will be that day - you have to quit it not only with your body but also with your soul. You can stay for many years and even lifetimes at the one grade but one day the life will find the ways to make you leave it. And we all on Earth are so much the same - born out of our wishes - not duties. Slaving for our wishes not purposes. Like the real first graders... So to be FREE first we have to cut off our EGO for which we are slaving for.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Have no fear for atomic energy,
'Cause none of them can stop the time.
- Bob Marley - 

I believe that the prophet is the one who is able to levitate our consciousness, minds and spirits out from the earthly consciousness to the one at least closer to God. Bob Marley did that to me.

In the dead of night, a Sufi began to weep.
He said, "This world is like a closed coffin, in which 
We are shut and in which, through our ignorance, 
We spend our lives in folly and desolation.
When Death comes to open the lid of the coffin, 
Each one who has wings will fly off to Eternity, 
But those without will remain locked in the coffin.
So, my friends, before the lid of this coffin is taken off, 
Do all you can to become a bird of the Way to God; 
Do all you can to develop your wings and your feathers."

3135 | Attar, Islam, Sufism 
Source : translation by Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut - 'Perfume of the Desert'
Way to God - Perfume of the Desert (2019) - zHustlers


Over 15 years international business development and management, 4 years of local government experience. Excellent communicator and negotiator.
100% dedication and can do attitude with meeting targets and deadlines. ​Ability to work on own initiative as well as be able to work as part of a team, musician.
Sound experience in PR, Marketing, Advertisements and solving sensitive issues with mass media.

A manager who will get things done how they should be done without excuses
Deep knowledge and up to date understanding of banking, crypto-payments, stocks, and securities
Successful Business experience with E.U, U.S.A, CIS and Asia countries

Managing Director, ZIGI.BE, Dec 2016-Currently
NFC and Fintech Crypto-environment system development
Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development
All in one crypto platform development

Managing Director, EuropeCoin.eu, Dec 2016-Currently
Crypto-systems and mining development
Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development
Technical solutions for electricity, ventilation, and security for mining farms

Managing Director, MinerSale.com, Dec 2016-2018
Crypto-mining farm development
Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development
The company was sold after one year of work

Managing Director, Gagapay.com, Dec 2016-2018
Crypto-payment system development
Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development
The company was sold after two years of work with 16,000 client basis

Managing Director, SatyaProjects.org, Dec 2014-Currently
Projects developing in human understanding about highest consciousness
Charity foundation. so far made projects: bsr.fm, selorazgrad.com, mcpaneer.com, ekadash.com, vedatrac.com, catsndogs.com
Multiuser project platform for crowdfunding marketing and implementation in the market

Managing Director, Defense Technology Armoring Ltd (dtarmor.com), Dec 2011-Currently:
Care for armored vehicles customers in China, Thailand, and India
Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget planning, web development
Remote leadership to control & monitor the work of three offices.

Managing Director, FXEQT.com, Dec 2009-Currently:
Setting up and long term distant management of representative offices in China, Thailand, and India in behalf of corporate customers
Sales, Marketing plan and research, customer support, budget, web development
Development of databases, online banking systems, worldwide currency markets

Reggae Musician, zHustlers.com, Nov 2010-Currently:
Singing prayers in a reggae rhythm for peace and happiness of humanity mostly using texts from Bhagavad Gita, Manu Samhita, The Torah, Kabbalah, Koran, Sufi and vedic scriptures
Promoting non-violence lifestyle, ganja, and the necessity for union with the highest consciousness
Albums: Satya Project, Liftoff, Eight Magic Balls part I and part II (Full text of Patanjali Yoga Sutras), 555, The Fruit of Love, Perfume of the Desert

Managing Director, Blue Box Tanning Studios, Jan 2006 – May 2009
Analyzed & successfully negotiated for better franchise terms & conditions gaining income increase for 20% within a Germany based company
Attracted private investment & negotiated on advantageous ROI plan
Achieved demands of self-created marketing strategy for keeping exiting & attracting new customers also sales & product development

Property Developer, Kubera Property Group, Nov 2005 – Aug 2008
Sold over 40 self-developed properties with 70% ROI average
Attracted finances & taxes installing offshore banking system to increase income tax efficiency, helped with Bank Loans for potential buyers
Bought advantageous properties organizing fruitful real estate auction results
Experienced close work with designers, architects, inspectors real estate companies & banks
Monitored a team over 20 construction workers on properties

Managing Director, Cherado Art Empire, Jul 2004 – Aug 2007
In three years I created the largest private art gallery in the Baltic States containing more than 6500 artworks from 350 artists
Organized over 50 exhibitions & over 20 participation in international projects
Managed & worked with diverse teams of people, including customers, web project developers, recruitment companies & engineers
Worked with vendors, suppliers & internal business units across the business including different geographical locations
Preparation of marketing & sales campaign with advertisement guru Dave Holloway

Head of PR Division, Ministry of Justice of Republic of Latvia, Aug 2002 – Jan 2004
Developed communication strategy for three years
Organized WEB page developments and WEB content management
Organized weekly press conferences and leaflet drafting
Budget planning, networking and intranet implementation
Managed work of the department and internal/external communication

Assistant to Project Manager, United Nation Development Program, Sep 2000 – Mar 2002
Created & edited monthly magazine news of board of naturalization
Experienced active participation in over ten up to six-month projects as a project managers assistant beginning with project initiation, planning, production, monitoring & controlling completion stage

University of Latvia, Sep 2000 – Jul 2004
Almost completed Bachelors Degree in Political Science 
Latvian School of Public Administration, Sep 2002 – Jul 2004
Project Management
Dealing with journalists
Public speaking training
Time management
Public Relations

vedatrac.com – temple traveling. I’ve written books: “Destination: Me” and “108 Gems of Asia” Vegetarian. Studied Ayurveda (LifeScience). Also, I’ve hitchhiked across all Russia’s 11 time zones, have crossed Himalaya mountain range with pushbike and done many other adventures.
zHustlers.com - reggae music with texts from ancient religions across the globe
SatyaProjects.org - assistance to the world of spreading the good news and knowledge on the growth of intellect

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