Actually there is no such a date as a 30 February so that is why we decided to call it a day of self-realization- it's just never on a list! Would you want to have one?


Sometimes 30. February can be busy with colorful affairs, especially in big city areas where old customs have lost it's meanings. Traditionally The30February is an Educationally/Entertaining Festival starting with ancient songs from Mahabharatha, Yoga Sutras, Vedic Scripture Translations and guidance on how percieving them can make your life almost instantly Happy! Find out WHEN The30February is in Your Town or BOOK YOUR PRIVATE ONE!


Seminars are done by globetrotter, reggae musician & entrepreneur Matins Ate


Vegetarian cooking classes based on Vedic culinary traditions


Active engagement of participants of retreat in case studies


Find out how Natural and Ancient Wisdom can Benefit Your Daily Life


Lectures based on Patanjali Yoga Sutras


Learn to be in Your Natural State - Experience Highest Level of Happiness

Discover Hidden Treasures of Patanjali Yoga Sutras

The primary goal yoga practice is not to master the most difficult poses, though we all would like to achieve perfect alignment. The true purpose of yoga is to access the connectedness, the oneness within. It does take a bit of practice to quiet the constant stream of thoughts so that we can get a glimpse of that peaceful inner place. We use the breath as the bridge from the mind to the body, and the poses are the vehicles that take us from the body to the heart space, that’s if we do them with a sense of inner directedness. I invite you to make sure your yoga is more about tapping internal wealth than efforting to achieve external feats. the purpose of yoga is to still the mind so that we can access the joy within. They warn that if we do not do this, we will identify with the rampant thoughts of our minds instead of experiencing our true essence.

Healthy Vedic Cooking Lessons by 15 yrs. exp. Vegetarian Chef

In Vedic tradition eating food is a very sacred affair. It isa form of fire worship (yajna) in which food is offered to the divine fire present within every being’s stomach as ‘Vaishvanara’ – “Becoming the fire of life I dwell in the bodies of all living creatures.” (Bhagavad Gita 15.14) With this awareness the daily intake of our meals becomes a form of meditation and worship of light. Our food becomes sacred and sanctified as an offering to the omnipresent divinity residing within each one of us. The Maharshis of the Krishna Yajur Veda (Taittiriya Upanishad 3.2) realized that “Food is Brahman (a manifestation of the Supreme Life Force).” Our life completely depends on it. Therefore, we should consume our food with respect, awareness and mindfulness, and ideally, in silence.

Have Different Mindsets - So You Can Choose From

Every good and noble deed leaves a subliminal impression (samskara) in the mind, the collection of which gives rise to the kind of human nature, inclination and interest which creates favorable circumstances under which the pleasant result or fruit of that good deed can be enjoyed. However, most good deeds give rise to pleasant experiences in which the experienced pleasure is momentary because it is dependent on the senses and the sense-objects. Pleasant experiences dependent on the contact of the senses with the sense-objects are momentary and constantly increase or decrease in their intensity like the light of the moon. The secret key to transcend momentary experiences of pleasure and to reach the inner everlasting source of bliss is to constantly perform good and noble deeds, but without a desire for their fruits.

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How To start a new life: The Best Day is The 30 February!