Sometimes 30. February can be busy with colorful affairs, especially in big city areas where old customs have lost it's meanings. Traditionally The30February is an Educationally/Entertaining Festival starting with ancient songs from Mahabharatha, Yoga Sutras, Vedic Scripture Translations and guidance on how percieving them can make your life almost instantly Happy! Find out WHEN The30February is in Your Town or BOOK YOUR PRIVATE ONE!

What exactly is the 30 February?
The 30 February is a massive private held event where also you are invited to participate by joining the events on the event dates in the event countries. But as there is no such a date as The 30. February and if your business performance allows to treat your team with something unforgettable and extraordinary - consider The30February Experience possible anytime!
At the event you will be seated by the tables in a large hall and will be constantly entertained by the smooth jazzy dubby music with ongoing lectures mixed with live performances on some music instruments by Martins Ate himself.
In this playful manner during one day you will get a brief introduction on what is Enlightenment is and how to achieve it.


10:00 - Introduction into Vedic Philosophy of Happiness
11:00 - Vedic Mindsets
12:00 - Vedic Practical Cooking Class
13:00 - Vegetarian Dinner
14:00 - Introduction Into Vedic Culinary
15:00 - Yoga & Meditation
16:00 - Chai Break
16:30 - Questions & Answers
17:00 - How To Be Happy
18:00 - - Meditation on Happiness

Food and the holidays are inextricably intertwined, with our annual celebrations momentarily transcending us to childhood memories and generational knowledge. We have now entered the season of food nostalgia — when we travel down memory lane through a melee of seasonings and flavors.