Lesson 1: Introduction to Conscious Diet and Vedic Culinary Traditions
Understanding the concept of a conscious diet
Overview of Vedic culinary traditions
The importance of a vegetarian diet in promoting a happy life

Lesson 2: The Philosophy of Food in Vedic Traditions
The concept of 'Food as Medicine'
Understanding the spiritual significance of food
The role of food in enhancing mental and physical well-being

Lesson 3: Basics of Vegetarian Cooking
Introduction to vegetarian ingredients and substitutes
Learning about various vegetarian cooking techniques
Preparing simple and nutritious vegetarian meals

Lesson 4: Ayurvedic Principles in Diet
Understanding the Ayurvedic classification of food
Learning about the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and their dietary implications
Incorporating Ayurvedic principles into daily meals

Lesson 5: Mindful Eating
The practice of mindful eating
Understanding the connection between food and emotions
Techniques for enjoying meals mindfully

Lesson 6: Seasonal and Local Eating
The benefits of seasonal eating
Understanding the importance of consuming local produce
Learning to prepare meals based on seasonal and local ingredients

Lesson 7: The Art of Food Combining
Understanding the principles of food combining
Learning about compatible and incompatible food combinations
Tips for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption

Lesson 8: Fermentation and Preservation
Introduction to the art of fermentation
Learning about various fermented foods and their benefits
Techniques for preserving food naturally

Lesson 9: Cooking with Healing Herbs and Spices
Understanding the medicinal properties of herbs and spices
Learning to incorporate healing herbs and spices into meals
Preparing dishes with a focus on health and wellness

Lesson 10: Culminating Project: Creating a Conscious Diet Plan
Reviewing the principles learned throughout the course
Developing a personalized conscious diet plan
Sharing and discussing diet plans with fellow participants

Each lesson will be 45 minutes long and held on Zoom. After payment you will be able to book  the whole course consisting of 10 sessions and invite up to 5 guests per session. Lessons are accompanied by practical sessions where participants can apply the teachings from the ancient scriptures, fostering a hands-on approach to experiencing happiness under the guidance of Martins Ate.