Lesson 1: Introduction to Mindfulness Training
Understanding the concept of mindfulness
The significance of mindfulness in fostering a happy life
Introduction to retreat case studies

Lesson 2: The Foundations of Mindfulness
Exploring the pillars of mindfulness
Understanding the mind-body connection
Engaging in basic mindfulness exercises

Lesson 3: Breath Awareness and Meditation
Learning the techniques of breath awareness
Engaging in breath-focused meditation practices
Case study: The impact of breath awareness on well-being

Lesson 4: Mindful Eating
Understanding the concept of mindful eating
Engaging in mindful eating exercises
Case study: The transformational journey of mindful eating

Lesson 5: Mindfulness in Daily Activities
Learning to incorporate mindfulness into daily activities
Engaging in exercises to foster mindfulness in routine tasks
Case study: Observing the effects of daily mindfulness practices

Lesson 6: Mindful Communication
Exploring the principles of mindful communication
Engaging in exercises to enhance mindful communication skills
Case study: The role of mindful communication in fostering community

Lesson 7: Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
Understanding the connection between emotional intelligence and mindfulness
Engaging in exercises to enhance emotional intelligence through mindfulness
Case study: The transformative power of emotional intelligence

Lesson 8: Stress Reduction through Mindfulness
Learning techniques for stress reduction through mindfulness
Engaging in mindfulness practices to alleviate stress
Case study: Observing the effects of mindfulness on stress reduction

Lesson 9: Mindfulness and Creativity
Exploring the relationship between mindfulness and creativity
Engaging in exercises to foster creativity through mindfulness
Case study: The role of mindfulness in enhancing creativity

Lesson 10: Culminating Project: Developing a Personal Mindfulness Practice
Reviewing the principles learned throughout the course
Developing a personalized mindfulness practice plan
Sharing and discussing mindfulness plans with fellow participants

Each lesson will be 45 minutes long and held on Zoom. After payment you will be able to book  the whole course consisting of 10 sessions and invite up to 5 guests per session. Lessons are accompanied by practical sessions where participants can apply the teachings from the ancient scriptures, fostering a hands-on approach to experiencing happiness under the guidance of Martins Ate.